Xojo2023r3: WebProgressBar - use MaximumValue instead of Maximum

This code

ProgressBar1.Maximum = Socket1.BytesLeftToSend

is showing error when running Analyzer, the manual incorrectly states Maximum as the property.
This code

ProgressBar1.MaximumValue = Socket1.BytesLeftToSend

looks good, no error listed by Analyzer.

Autocomplete only suggest .maximumvalue

Are you going to open an Issue so they can fix the documentation?

Edit: as you are working with Xojo Web, can you post your questions/reports in the Web section?

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I am not sure how to open an issue, where do I find how to do it?

Click on the link Alberto provided.


If you click the link that I put on “Issue”, you should be able to open/login to the Issues system.

Click on

and you can add screenshots/url for the documentation that is wrong.

OK, done. Thanks for the link.

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