Xojo2019r3.2 cannot compile iOS application

Linking Executable
ld: -pie can only be used when targeting iOS 4.2 or later

2020 macbookpro m1 bigsur11.4

Do you have the matching Xcode version for Xojo 2019?
Because if you use current Xcode 12.5, that may be too new.

But on the other side, you may need to use current Xcode to be able to submit to the app store, so you’d better go to Xojo 2021r1.1

Thank you, Xcode version 12.5. That may be the reason

Xojo2021, I want to buy it after the Android version is released. For personal use, the price of $699 is still quite expensive in China, and it will cost four or five thousand RMB

Buy it in November for Black Friday then. (or earlier if there is another sale)