XOJO2018R1.1 Building 32 Bit apps removes the app icon

Hello All,

Today I build the first app in Xojo 2018R1.1 and I noticed that after the app was completed there is not more Icon on the app

Any idea why ?


Happens only on Windows. Am i correct?

Did you closed the application enclosing folder ?
Did you reboot sincce the build ?

I see the same issue. An App build on macOS for Windows 32Bit, running on Windows 64Bit, “looses” sometimes the App Icon in the Taskbar after a few minutes/hours.

Hello, well I’m on Mac only and it seems that after 5 min and once I right click on it and try to zip it the icon appeared , so I guess it’s the mac’s old afps delay bug , it takes quite a while until things are showed on the finder.

I did build the same app on 64 bit and it worked right away I saw the icon so I have no idea if it’s XOJO or apple on this part .

I’ll do more tests and let you know .

well similar here, I have no idea why, but on Mac 10.13.4 in my case