Xojo2017r1 and disable HTML parsing

The new feature for disable HTML parsing is great!

This is a screenshot of a web application I’m developing in these days. Using tag, now I can have segmented control with icon and text as caption of the same segment and also weblistbox.cell with icon and text.

how did u make the segmented control?? so cool

Segmented Control is built in to Xojo Web.

do you mean you can use on segmented control??

Yes and many other Web controls.

You can also use this to add links to the app’s disconnect screen if need be. Something like:

"<raw><a href=""" + app.url + """>Click Here</a></raw>

As I mentioned on the beta channel, we don’t balance these tags, so if you start using them and drawing gets wonky, that’s the first place you should look.

See this blog post