xojo write routine produces unknown user

MAC Linux using XOJO

Dim outStr As TextOutputStream = TextOutputStream.Create(writePath) outStr.Write(Content) outStr.Close

I have a simple write routine that is creating files with owner _unknown _unknown ( owner and other ) i believe
the files are being accessed ( read and written ) by 2 computers on a network drive. every so often the files are not writable ( but no errors occur )
just today one file caused an exception because for some reason execute permissions were applied to the file, but how i don’t know. the Xojo app at this time
does not change permissions or owner ships.

? what should the ownerships of a file be on a network drive being accessed by 2 or more computers
? what should the permissions be
? how can xojo set these owener ship and permissions ?

please advise

Didn’t even know macOS cared about the owner, unless specific ACL were applied?

apparently - when my xojo routine writes the file, the owner of _unknown _unknown is created. All computers running that app have access to read and write the file to our network drive. rw rw rw ( no problems )
I was just asking if in good practices the ownership be something other than _unknown.

the problem is when the file is changed to permission rwx rw rw the execute permission is causing an excpetion writing to the file ( reading is ok )

David, is this macOS or Linux? You posted this in teh “general” channel and your first line says “MAC Linux” :slight_smile:
I am confused!