Xojo Weekly Webinars

Since it appears that more than a few people were unaware that I am doing weekly Xojo webinars, I thought I would provide some information about them.

First, you can always see the topics and schedule here: Xojo: Webinars and Videos on Xojo Programming

The webinars are always on Tuesdays at 1pm ET/10 am PT and are recorded if you cannot make it. Recordings are made available (within a week of the webinar) on our YouTube channel and are linked on the webinar page and the doc wiki.

The webinars are all about an hour long and use audio and screen sharing. Attendees can type questions to ask during the webinar. I try to cover a wide variety of topics, often based on discussion that I read about on the forums or from suggestions from customers. So if you have a specific topic that you’d like to see, let me know. I use GoToWebinar to host these, so you will need to download a small app on your desktop or use the iOS app.

Next week’s topic (Sept 17th) is on the desktop ListBox control, a topic that comes up here frequently. Space is limited so be sure to register ahead of time.