Xojo Website - Contact Information

I like the new website - one thing though…

I just trawled the website looking for the customer service email address. I could only find it (after some digging!)

  • the contact option in very small text right at the bottom
  • hitting Support then selecting Contact Us

Unless I missed something I didn’t find it immediately obvious where to find the Contact details. Can I suggest a ‘contact us’ entry on the main menu?

It only took me 3 clicks to find the info, but I do agree with your suggestion

The information’s there, suppose I feel it should be more obvious.

My view is you want to make it as easy as possible for people to get in touch rather than making them dig around the site. Maybe a click here to live chat thing on the site as well to answer any queries :wink:

I’m sorry you had trouble finding the information. I will make a change so it’s more obvious.