Xojo / WebProgress

I switched over to the Xojo today and found some pleasant surprises …
I found progress controls on the Library Palette.
Cool… I put one on my web page.
Nothing showed up when I ran my application.

[code]Proc SelectAll

ProgressWheel1.Enabled = true
ProgressWheel1.Visible = true

for i as integer=0 to n
//Maybe I need to do background tasks here?

ProgressWheel1.Visible = false
ProgressWheel1.Enable = false

End Proc[/code]

[quote]My system:
Xojo 2013 Release 2
FireFox 22
MAC OS X 10.8.4.[/quote]

Check out Examples in Subfolder Desktop / Controls / Progress Bar

Normally you use a Timer for progress bar.

aahhh sorry just saw you re talking about Web Progress bar… then it is another Example within Web / Controls / Webprogress Bar of course…

Thread it is…
However when I put my SelectAll method in the run of the thread, there are some things that no longer work.

I had a call to a Session.myObject in the SelectAll method and the system is now complaining that Session is nil.

Threads cannot access Session. See WebSessionContext on how to make Session available for threads and other non-UI controls.

Also, this blog post: http://www.xojo.com/blog/en/2013/06/websessioncontext-changes-in-2013.php