Xojo Web: Work on API Platform for E-commerce

Hi there currently I am working with several e-commerce platforms like Woocommerce, Lightspeed, Magento 2 and we are using Laravel to create a bridge between the two platforms and to fetch product data. I would like to create a (mini) project in Xojo Web to daily fetch product data in a database so we can later reuse the product data. I have got an API key and Secret of the API platform, the API documentation etc and would create a Enterprise Service Bus in Xojo Web eventually.

Is there a skilled Xojo Web developer here who has got a website and project experience on these toopics and is available for some hours development? Let me know! Also if you know a good xojo web developer who is available.

Skills may involve:
-Experience with background workers, API webservices,
-Load balacing
-Fetching product data from E-commerce platforms over API to database.
-Sending the product back.
-Creating an API webservice
-Backing up data

Would love to come in contact with an experienced Xojo developer. Thanks!

You might also want to try Find a Xojo consultant

Xojo consultant

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That for is to make a post in the forum, Just like this but only for the limited audience that have a current pro licence… What is the point of the form if he already make the post?

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Maybe you’re still on time? :wink:

This is one of the sessions at the XOJO DEVELOPER RETREAT: Integrating WooCommerce with Your Xojo Apps

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Hi Javier,

I saw your great work on that app you made for Woocommerce and Xojo Desktop, I was looking for someone with the same experience but then for Web. I send you also a direct email but I think you are not available right? Since you work for Xojo? Or are you also available for freelance?

@Ivan_Tellez @brain In general I like to post on the forum first and try later if I haven’t found anyone via your form. Forum is more transparent and love to share ideas etc.


OP made a post, great
Maybe submitting to the link I gave can help in the search

If you have looked at the app Javier built I was looking for someone with the same experience. Javier showed on a desktop app how to fetch data from an API to the desktop. I basically need the same but then for Web

Nop, I’m not; but I think that adapting the Desktop to Web may be easy enough because the most part of the communications just involves handling JSON… and parsing it

Anyway, it would be great to see your end product! :slight_smile:

Ok! the idea was great for the woocommerce desktop version (although when you goto the order management there was an issue with getting all orders and the detail level). The fact that you can built this with xojo makes it great and I see potential for creating apps like this for e.g. Magento 2, Lightspeed etc.

The project involves storing the json to a database and fetching the data via webhooks etc.

I will update this post with some more details and guess I will evaluate some responses here.

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