XOJO Web Spreadsheet?

Can I make a 3 column spreadsheet that lives on the web so my co-workers can access our database in spreadsheet form and find a file with certain parameters. 3 columns would be, 1- name, 2-numeric duration, 3-category. I would need to filter the duration and category. Pretty simple to do in Excel, to have it on the web would be so cool.

I work for a Television Broadcast network. We probably have 20,000 videos created over the past 30 years. Sometimes we have a 2min 30sec hole in a show and need to fill it with a video we made previously. I would need to search time between 2.3 and 3.3 (which are in min and seconds) and/or a certain category such as… ABC, DEF, GHJ, KLM, etc or both time and category.

What I see is you have do use a plugin by MonkeyBrainz? I really good at my Applescript. I am really good at AutoHotKey on PC, I own XOJO and have created a few apps. This WEB spreadsheet is my next project.


If you want the users to use an excel spreadsheet you can setup excel on onedrive and share it. Anyone with a web browser can view it.

If you want a web app, then xojo can do this. It sounds like you would use a listbox to show the listing. Then add text fields for users to search. I assume you would need to update the data from time to time. You could use a plugin to read excel files directly or just save the excel file as a csv. I would recommend storing the data in an SQLite database so you can query it easily

You certainly can display data as a spreadsheet using a WebListBox. You may add filters to get a subset of all the data, and even sort the records.

Honestly, a tool like FileMaker will get you there a lot faster and easier - this is right in its sweet spot. It will give you lots of room for future expansion, too; FileMaker is an astonishingly flexible and powerful database system.

I remember FileMaker from 20 years ago, I thought EXCEL or ACCESS took over. I’ll look into it but EXCEL does exactly what we need it to. I have Dropbox, I guess that would work too. Thanks for all your insight.

Excel is for computations, not list displayer…

A “simple” SQLite Database would be far better and less complex to do.

And you may add some more information (like ©, cast, short or long description, creation date, subtitles to use, etc.) while keeping the file manageable.