Xojo web question.


I tried the trial version of xojo a few years ago, and I tried the lastest version.

The xojo web does’t seem to have many improvement, I was not impress from the last version, there’s no seem to have different theme, always the same Apple look. they use the same web demo since a few years… does xojo web is dead ?

My compagny build 70% of the time web application, I wonder if xojo can handle big web application. It’s for this reason that I never bought this environement tools. with many other technologie like html5 etc… , I wonder if Cgi is the right path for web developpement.

I don’t know also if we can build Android app. one of my customer ask me if I can build Android app that communicate with his Extranet database, I don’t know if Xojo is capable of that… he have over 1000,000 orders that he need to display on his extranet, I don’t know if Xojo web is capable of.


Information from other threads and blogposts: they are working on a new version of Xojo web, and Android support. Both not available yet. Xojo doesn’t promise release dates.

@Frank Lemieux — Hi Frank. I do not think you are looking in the right direction with Xojo. It is a common language for different platforms and that makes it slow to adopt new technologies and it must keep a kind of lower-common-denominator approach. I do not think this is what you are looking for.

Maybe not death, but, stuck with almost no changes since they first release. So, it is really limited and outdated.

They are working on the Xojo Web 2 with modern interface, more controls and powerfull, but, that was announced more than a year ago, and nowadays we still not have a release date. Same thing for Android support.

Also remember, fist release, and sometimes for almost a year (Like windows with the Xojo 2018), the product is not stable or ready for production.

So, if you need a solution right now for that proyect, look elsewere.