Xojo Web Multiple page at the same time

Hi everyone I would like to ask a question. My Question is it Possible to on Xojo Web to hold more than one page at the same time. If is it possible please help me

While you can have more than one page per session in existence at a time, you can only have one page visible at a time.

Could you describe what you are trying to accomplish in your app?

Here is a shot in the dark. One way that you could work around the “one visible page at a time” constraint, is to use webcontainers. Each container is a “page”. You manage the containers with a segmented control (or other controls of your choice placed on the page) that makes them visible or invisible. The end result is several “pages” active at once. Be careful with your process flow and with the management of the data in each container. Closing the page will require cleaning and closing each container correctly.

As Greg said, you will get far more relevant answers and better help if you provide more information on what you are trying to do.

Keep in mind every WebPage/Tab is a separate Session. So if you want a Session to span multiple Tabs in their browser then you will need to implement your own mechanisms to facilitate this.

What I normally do is create a ParentSession class and let multiple Sessions all point to the same ParentSession. I use the parentSession property on the session object to share information for the user across tabs.

Verifying a tab is tied to an existing parentSession usually involves checking a cookie and looping through the existing sessions to find a match and then assigning the same parentSession object to your new session. For security you can check other properties in addition to the cookie such as browser settings