Xojo Web Application not connecting anymore after update to LEAP 15

I have a web application which was running on OpenSuse Linux 12.3 with a mysql database.
Now I updated the server to OpenSuse Leap 15 and Apache 2.4x.

Since then the application is not connecting to the database anymore.

I opened an SSH-tunnel from my computer to the Webserver port 3306 and tested the very same application on my mac connecting to the database on the webserver.
It’s running fine.

I started the application via the cgi-script: not connecting
I started the application via console: not connecting

Has anything changed regarding the connection to mysql/mariadb for OpenSuse Leap 15?
Is the Connectionplugin not compatible to OpenSuse Leap 15?

I recompiled the application again (Xojo 2017 1.1), deleted the old application, uploaded the new one: not connecting.

Have you checked the Error or ErrorMessage properties of the database object to see if there’s any information?

Yes I did. It just doesn’t connect at all.

If app.db.Connect Then
If app.db.Error Then
App.DebugLog ( “Error: " + app.db.ErrorMessage )
Return False
app.db.SQLExecute(“set names utf8 collate utf8_general_ci”)
app.db.SQLExecute(“set character set utf8”)
App.DebugLog ( “Database connected” )
Return True
End If
App.DebugLog ( “The application was not able to connect to the database” + db.Host + “:” + format(db.Port,”#####") + " " + db.DatabaseName + " " + db.UserName )
Return False
End If

It always ends up at “The application was not able to connect to the database”, so no connection.

Right before the line that says “The application was not able to connect” please put:


It says : Access denied for user ‘countdoup_u’@‘localhost’ (using password: YES)

I only had the user countdoup_u’@' so I created the user ‘countdoup_u’@‘localhost’ but that doesn’t work either.

So I keep diggin’

Now it’s working.
I had to flush privileges;

So it was definitely the user (@localhost instead of

Thank you for your help.