Xojo Web App durchsuchbar machen - Wie? (Google etc.)

Gibt es Möglichkeiten, eine Xojo-Web-App durchsuchbar zu machen?

Are there ways to make a Xojo web app searchable?

Die Meta Daten im HTML Header? Oder soll Google den ganzen HTML Quelltext durchsehen?
Oder soll der Benutzer was in den Seiten finden?

Xojo Web Apps are not traditional websites, everything is loaded in dynamically by JavaScript. You would have to create your own HandleURL responses to have individual pages to be indexed. For what Xojo Web Apps are, this would not be worth the effort.

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you can include stuff with app. HTML Header property, e.g.

This is the test.

Put in some text for Google, that is not user visible.

Meta tags don’t mean much to Google as far as searching and indexability.

You shouldn’t spend any time at all on the meta keywords tag. We don’t use it. I’m not aware of any major search engine that uses it.

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