Xojo vs macOs. Black is really white.

I have built an automobile acceleration model on Mac Catalina. To my expected surprise, there seems to be a bug in the font color assignment for text fields. Selecting black text produces white text. With the colors available, I don’t feel that there are any color combinations of background and text colors that give the necessary contrast for good readability.

In addition, when selecting multiple text fields, after about the fourth one, a combined “garbage” Id panel with no control id or name fields shows up. Clicking inspector shows the selected text fields having a control set as “None”. If the controls are selected individually, they all look fine. My biggest concern is the text field colors cannot be set to the desired colors, especially when the black text color is white.

Xojo is 2019r2

Does anyone have the same experience?

Thanks for helping!

Mac mini 2019 6 core processor, Canary OS

Posting two times the same and in different categories and with two different titles?

Setting the color to black (&c000000) Xojo treats as “use the system defined Textcolor” which may in fact be whit if you run in dark mode
If you set the color to just slightly off black (&c000001) then it wont do this

Thanks Norman. That works perfectly.