Xojo video tutorials - background music


I love the video tutorials very much. But it seems that the newest of them have a permanent background music. For me the music is very aggressive and annoying.

Perhaps I am not the only one?

Choooons! :wink:

Totally agree Jens.


could use a re-upload minus the music.

Agreed. Music is a no-no in tutorial videos.

How about no-English-speakers? I coded with background music, sometimes I forget switch off the music, when I play the video think: well is not to bad, is very boring watch videos (sometimes 10min) without sound.

I think of it like this:

  1. The person watching the video could be hard of hearing so trying to distinguish what is being said from the music might be difficult for them.
  2. The person watching might not be a native English speaker so the music might make it even harder for them to understand.
  3. The person watching might not like the music being played
  4. The person watching might prefer to have their own music playing while listening
  5. The person watching might be used to learning in a quiet environment
  6. The person watching might watch the video at a higher than standard speed (as I do) at which point the music becomes more annoying than a distraction.

It’s not the end of the world, but Just a few reasons :slight_smile:

Great videos though Paul :slight_smile:

+1 for dumping the music

I know some people very much like to have a constant background sound, while learning or coding.

I do not. I prefer silence, which helps me to get into the “flow” of coding, or learning.

Plus, music is something very personal, the individual taste and the preferences are very different. What helps one person to relax may trigger a lot of irritation within someone else.

So: I’d prefer no background music to tutorials.

I agree, I don’t like music on tutorials either. However, to play devil’s advocate, remember that these videos are also a marketing tool for them, so I understand why they’ve done it. But yeah, lose the music please :slight_smile:

And, at last, if these people (who like a background music in their tutorial videos) really need music, they are in their own: they can play music (their music) above the videos.

Then, other people are happy too !

Videos are great, thank you Paul.

I agree. I prefer videos without background music. English is my second language.

I love that the 2 videos Julian linked above have actual English Subtitles and not just autogenerated. This open the door to people help Paul create subtitles in other languages. That will be very helpful for people like me.

Maybe some processing on the audio will work.

  • Apply a simple compressor (dynamics) filter. But as far I can tell, I do hear some compression on the voice. Or better, a multiband compressor.
  • Adjust the EQ, not on the intro or ending. Just during the tutorial. Slightly cut the high frequencies or frequencies that are in the same region as the voice.
  • Other calmer music styles
  • Or ditch the music, like mentioned by others :slight_smile:

I kinda like the idea of having bg-music though. But I understand why it could be hard to understand when you’re not natively English.
I love the opening animation though :wink: i[/i]

Thanks for the feedback on the background music, everyone. For the next videos, I’ll stick with music for just the intro/outtros.

So do I! For those that do not know, Edwin created this awesome animation for us. Thanks, Edwin!!!

Anytime, Paul…
Sorry, I haven’t been able to make the new one yet, with the anniversary artwork :confused: