Xojo Version, SDK 14 and APP Store

I just tried to update one of my apps in the store written with Xojo 2019 R3.2 and it rejected it saying it needs SDK 14.
Does that mean I have to convert it to API 2.0?
What would be the minimum combination I need?

For SDK 14 you need Xojo 2021r1 or later.

I guess you can download Xojo and test your app to see if you need to update something to API 2.0, I don’t have experience with iOS.

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Members of inner modules cannot be global
I get dozens of these errors, what does that mean when you are converting an old project to the latest Xojo. I am also trying to update IOSGestures and IOSDesignExtensions??

Unknow at the docs web…

I guess you are using iOSKit and you need to update it.

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And same for iOSdesignExtensions

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