Xojo users in Athens, Greece

Hello all,
I’ve been wondering about Xojo users in Athens, Greece.
I know there’s at least one other, because I’ve interviewed him for a position at the company where I work :slight_smile:
So, I’m making this initial call for local users to come forward and perhaps organize a meeting, where we could talk in more detail over what we do.

We all know that Xojo is a very overlooked and undervalued development tool in the information technology business.
People who find value in it have a very tangible interest to promote its use and demonstrate that value to their peers, customers or employers.
Most importantly, because the Xojo ecosystem is so limited, it would be useful to have an open channel to communicate any employment, business, or collaboration opportunities related to Xojo.
Internet forums are a great help to this, but still, within a local setting, nothing beats direct personal contact: networking is everything :slight_smile:

It goes without saying that I’m also reaching out to users from the rest of the country, although I understand there’s a limit to how far someone’s willing to travel to attend a Xojo meeting. If the answer proves to be “quite far”, then I’ll be very pleasantly surprised!

We’ll mention this in the next newsletter.

Thanks Dana!
That’s very helpful. Christian also put some effort in promoting this call.

it sure feels lonely in here…
(just trying to keep the thread on the first page a little longer :))

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Hi Chris,
Besides me, I’ve only come across someone who works at a software company where they’re using Xojo to develop their product.
I wouldn’t be sure of the exact figure, I’d expect it’s rather low.
All I know, when my employer was looking for people experienced in Xojo (or even willing to give it a try), they mostly encountered a dismissive attitude: “I’m not going back to BASIC, it’s not going to look good on my Resume”

Speaking of people who are making money off Xojo, my understanding is that Xojo is a development tool for the small business owner who’s primarily trying to solve a real-world problem using software: The business problem is the primary focus and drive of the process and the development tool is just a minor technicality, hence the choice of an exemplary RAD option, Xojo.
This is also my way of looking at things, even though I am a salaried employee myself.

I’m left with the impression that the world of professional developers is probably full of people who primarily focus on the tools, leaving the business problem as “someone else’s business” (the analyst’s). The people who successfully combine both mindsets, tend to become entrepreneurs sooner or later. The “pure” software developers who are forced to play both roles for some reason, tend to produce lousy results, business wise. I’d except it to work vice-versa too.

I’d be interested in how this outlook resonates with other people’s experiences throughout the world.

(I’m replying in English so as to be more inclusive for the non Greek-speaking people who helped promote this call. I find it hard to believe that Greek developers in 2018 cannot put a couple of English words in the right order :))

I have 3 plugin users in Athens, Greece in my database.
And one other in Greece further away.

I know of a couple of large to very large businesses who use Xojo. But generally, I think your paragraph above nails it perfectly. It’s a great tool for entrepreneurs and small businesses who want to get results.

Iordanis LAzoudis , Xojo user in Thessaloniki. I would say Xojo is not only for small businesses. Great things can be done at a low cost with the right tool. Keep in mind Xojo and Node are not that much different. I like Xojo cause i can use dynlib and dlls created with C and now experimenting with Go and Nim. Xojo is a great crossplatform RAD tool

Hi Iordani,

I thought Aloe Express was the Xojo ecosystem’s Node.js :slight_smile:
I guess if Xojo had Node’s popularity and community size, this thread wouln’t need to exist!

Are you using Xojo professionally?


I was thinking that a meeting for people using Xojo here in Athens would be a good step to promote Xojo and its ability to give people whatever they need in less time. It is true that Xojo is undervalued among developes because they were teaching as such and hunting good career prospects. But IMO for pure non-developers restless minds who needs a tool to solve real world problems with low cost and relatively fast, is priceless… expecially for those who works in their own in web projects they find challenging. Networking is a great opportunity to change game level :slight_smile:

I am using xojo professionally to provide clients fast and quick solutions. Coming from a vb background it felt like a natural choice. I was aware of Aloe but I never had the chance to use it. I will take another look at it for my next project in order to avoid reinventing the wheel. Thanks.

When I commented on Node I wanted to pass the message that Xojo has the ability to provide equally functional solutions.

@Batakis I agree, its a great tool, with advantages and disadvantages like every other tool. What makes it great is that its a true RAD tool. Travelling to Athens (Even though I did travel to Athens many times) is almost impossible at the present time as I am the father of a newborn and takes away every minute of my time between sleep and work.