xojo Ubuntu linux, IDE title bar changes on mouse over?

I am developing xojo programs on Ubuntu Linux 18.04 LTS and something I’ve done or maybe I never noticed before, has changed my IDE’s Title bar reactions, where the quit, minimize and maximize buttons are, when I mouse over it it changes from the name and current program to menus. File Edit View Insert, etc. Everything is functional, but I don’t remember it working like this when I first installed it many months ago. Is this normal, as I see it affecting my created programs title bars also? Help?

That’s a “Unity” thing - only displaying the menus when you ask for them.

OK, what is Unity? Is this normal for xojo or Ubuntu?

Normal for Ubuntu

That’s the pretty desktop manager that Ubuntu installs by default.

I am using ubuntu mate 18.04.2 and am not having that problem.

Dont like unity, I do like the start menu.

This behaviour is, afaik, unique to using Unity so Mate wont see it
AFAIK they’re going away from Unity anyway

Thank you all!