Xojo Tutorial - Chapter8: Issue "Too many attributes..."

I am trying to go through tutorial Introduction to Programming with Xojo and at Chapter 8 I have four issues in the code from the tutorial that I cannot adapt to web development.
One is as follows…
Please for advice

EnrollButton pressed Code:

Var theStudent As Student
Var theCourse As Course
Var newRow As String
theStudent = New Student(FirstNameField.Text, LastNameField.Text)
If CourseBox.CellTagAt(CourseBox.SelectedRowIndex, 0) IsA Course Then
theCourse = Course(CourseBox.CellTagAt(CourseBox.SelectedRowIndex, 0))
newRow = theStudent.LastName + ", "
newRow = newRow + theStudent.FirstName
End If

Too many arguments: got 1, expected only 0

seems the method EnrollStudent missing the argument st As Student

Thanks Markus,
How can I add argument? only code for method EnrollStudent is:


EnrolledStudents seems to be a list/array of students.
example screenshot.

I have missed to define parameter s As Student.
This solved all four issues that I had with this part of the code :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot @MarkusR

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