xojo to a new browser page

Hi everybody,

Anybody tried to open xojo to another new browser tab page (upon clicking a button)?


I am not sure I understand your question. Perhaps you are interested in the “Webcontrol.showURL” feature? (look it up in the language reference). You can specify to open the URL in a new window.

Yes. You can have two Xojo web sessions open at once.

On the other hand, clicking a button on one Xojo page to open a new tab or web page is possible, but may be blocked by your browser.

Opening a new tab of your web app would open a new session. If you wanted the information linked between the two tabs, you would have to do some extra work on the server end to share the information.

Thanks for all of your reply.

Atleast I learned again today.

Here is a hint for building your own tabbed browser:

The basis is this:

[code] Dim page As Integer


page = BrowserTabPanel.PanelCount-1
BrowserTabPanel.Value = page

Dim browser As New HTMLContainer

browser.EmbedWithinPanel(BrowserTabPanel, page, 0, 50, Self.Width, BrowserTabPanel.Height-50)
browser.ParentBrowserWindow = Self


Return browser.GetHTMLViewer[/code]

Luckily xojo included an example of what you want to achieve
You can find this example here:


This is a good starting point to building your tabbed webbrowser! Goodluck!