Xojo tips to build FileMaker/DB-like apps


I would like to make an experiment and evaluate if Xojo can be easily create desktop apps to replace FileMaker made solutions.

I would like to start to build a simple CRUD app with two entities with a One-to-many relationship.
The app would use a local database, so I guess SQLite is the only option. In the future I would like to use Couchbase-lite, that provides a built-in synch features.

Instead of dealing with raw SQL queries directly, is there a quicker way to deal with db objects? any open source ORM/ODM?
Or there are any DB-aware custom controls, that can bind to a datasource, like Delphi for example?

Thank you in advance for any tips or suggestions you have

I’m not sure whether this helps, but “Easy Database Connectivity The ability to quickly connect database tables to your app’s user interface and get data in and out.” is featured on the Xojo Roadmap.

Of course, don’t forget to read the disclaimer:

WARNING: This roadmap is subject to change. It will be reviewed monthly and revised if necessary. The order in which we expect features to ship may change as features get closer to completion. Do NOT make concrete plans based upon this roadmap. An upcoming feature’s suitability for a project cannot be judged until a feature can be tested.

expect 5 to 10 years before being able to use it effectively … seeing the speed at which the roadmap is evolving …


I asked for this when the Road Map was introduced. :frowning:

All I wanted was was an updated DataControl that could be hidden with exposed calls for Save, Next, Prev, etc.



I made one myself… was faster !

Personally I find using SQL far superior to the Filemaker Find. XOJO is great for building database applications.

Does it work with Desktop, iOS, and Web? And is it available for others?

it is too imbricated with my other database classes, so for now it’s only available to me !
it’s not that difficult too.
it is for desktop, ios don’t know, web will try as soon as web 2 really works and I will make it work for web.

Hi @Antonio_Calanducci ,

asking how to to something in Xojo like you to in FileMaker IMHO is a wrong question. Let me explain, I know both Xojo and FileMaker.

The reason behind FileMaker is to provide a tool that lets one implements a database app easily and faster by providing high level functionalities. It is classified as a low-code platform. For the last 30 years, FileMaker was developed with that philosophy in mind from the beginning.

FileMaker is a one of a kind product, totally different than anything else. FileMaker has strengths (a lot) and weaknesses like any product.

Sure Xojo can create desktop apps, but not the same way FileMaker lets you do, not the same easy way FileMaker does. Xojo uses a full fledge Object Oriented Programming language, quite different than the FileMaker’s scripting language. Just think about the Script Workspace that does not let you type a script step that does not exist.

What I like from Xojo is that you do type much less than in other products. You want to create a new class deriving from Xyz class, all you have to do is select Xyz in a list ! You want your class to comply with A, B and C interfaces, you select them in a grid !

With Xojo you develop faster than, say, C#, but not as fast as in FileMaker. Since Xojo app are compiled, they run fast, even Web apps !

If you want to give Xojo a try, good ! But don’t try to make Xojo works like FileMaker, use Xojo as it is. You will discover a new world.

IMO, Xojo weakness is with reports . . . but FileMaker has also weaknesses with reports.

Hope you will enjoy Xojo.

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