Xojo Theme/Skin and Mojave

Yesterday I upgraded my iMac to Mojave… and for the most part things seem to be working well… but I have noticed some strangeness in regards to COLOR

  • In Xojo , when you do a FIND and get the list of lines where the selected text was located… and I click on a line… the Highlight color is now PURPLE
  • In Safari (at least) any Dropdowns , and the Favorites window now have a background that matches the color of the Desktop. Not “white” like before
  • Some apps are “darker” like Calculator … but that just may be what Apple did to the app itself

As far as Xojo… no I do not have any 3rd party Skin Editors (Xojo2016r4.1)
This is all in normal “Light” mode

A lot of work went into making 2018r3 to making it look better in Mojave. There were a lot of things that didn’t matter when everything was light which do matter now so the colors of the old IDEs may be a little off.

If you open the System Preferences what are your settings for Accent and Highlight colors? Changing these affects the normal system colors which Xojo uses for various things like selection and row highlights.

the normal BLUE…

At this point I will assume it is an incompatibilty between Mojave and Xojo2016, and realize it is what it is…

Upon further investigation… I found if I changed the ACCENT COLOR in Preferences, the “purple” changed to what ever color I had selected… However… it would NOT change back to BLUE… it remained which ever other color had been the last one selected.

And I had selected purple as a test… not realizing it wouldn’t change back.

Hopefully this will not be an issue in 2018

2016 had hard coded values for certain colors. This is one aspect that 2018r3 with dark mode support handles much better.

this has nothing to do with hardcoded colors…the colors DO change… it just cannot be changed back to BLUE once it has been changed to something else… I understand it to be an anomoly in 2016, and will live with it until I upgrade to 2018/19

The selected text color in the code editor is controlled by the IDE in Preferences > Code Editor. The color in the find pane is hard coded in 2016.