Xojo Swag: T-Shirts? Stickers? Mugs?

Hey guys; why don’t you setup an online store to sell Xojo T-Shirts and stickers and things? I think a lot of people would buy Xojo-branded items.

They have one, it’s with CafePress. I’m not sure if it’s officially linked anywhere, but you can still get to it:

What in the world is an “Organic” t-shirt? I think that this is taking it a weeeeee bit too far.

BTW - did you know that Corn Pops are Gluten Free? I should freakin’ hope so, they’re made from corn.

This message is 100% inOrganic, Gluten free, and non-GMO!

(BTW - if you ever see an inorganic head of lettuce, would you let me know?)

[quote=241202:@Tim Jones]BTW - did you know that Corn Pops are Gluten Free? I should freakin’ hope so, they’re made from corn.

Sorry, but no they’re not

They are, but they’re just not on that list. Corn simply has no gluten content. Nor do oats, rice, barley, or anything else that isn’t Wheat-based.

Warning - soapbox mode engaged …

When you consider that in reality only .6% of the world population truly suffers from Celiac disease, the whole “Gluten Free” thing is just another farce to get people to pay more for things than they should.

Do you distrust GMOs? Do you eat cauliflower, broccoli, or asparagus? If so, you’re eating GMO kale.

If something is pesticide-, hormone- and antibiotic-free, call it that. Have you ever seen an inorganic steak or an organic rock?

The whole non-GMO, Gluten Free, Organic marketing train is run by P.T. Barnum’s ghost.

FYI… Kellogs Corn Pops contain OATS… 90% of all manufactured OATS are in some part contaminated with Wheat by products due to being manufactured in the same factory…

Plus Corn does contain certain Peptides that cause symptoms similar to a Gluten reaction in some people

Not sure if this pertains to the US or not…

So I’d put Corn Pops on the Gluten warning list at the same level as people with Peanut allergies eating certain products that don’t “contain” peanuts, but were at some point in the same room.

My comment about corn and gluten was more of a sarcastic barb at the industry that has created itself around self-diagnosed, self-medicated hypochondriacs (my ex-wife was one of those - she suffered from everything).

You guys in Canada are lucky that the big pharma aren’t allowed to advertise their designer drugs in prime time. Cures your plaque psoriasis, but causes kidney failure and the potential for micro strokes… Ask your doctor if you are a candidate for new super-drug!

Still doesn’t explain what the heck an “Organic T-Shirt” is :stuck_out_tongue:

My guess is its made from organically grown cotton.

I’m still trying to come to grips with “organically grown” versus “inorganically grown” :S

Once spoke to an american activist who told me that only gene modified organisms contain genes.

I cried at the level of education she got at home …

Unfortunately, no shock there. Back in 1997, a local Phoenix news channel asked 300 graduating high school seniors to locate Arizona on an unmarked map of North America. 1 got it right, 3 at least pointed to the Southwest area and the rest were completely off the mark. And they are going to be the people in charge of things when I retire …

(sorry that I’ve driven things off the original track, Zachary).

Grown without fertilizers or pesticides.


I still can’t figure out why beef is considered meat. I’ve always considered it a vegetable by-product.

The way the cafepress site shows a logo instead of the product when one hovers a picture is extremely tacky. What kind of retarded web designer does that in the 21st Century ? Any 12 years old knows how to get the pictures URL from the Developers tools…

That stupid thing alone has everything to deter a potential customer to click :confused:

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While we’re roaming around on this subject, consider the fact that over the last 150 years or so, the use of preservatives in our food has risen and so has the average lifespan. Coincidence? Maybe so, maybe not.

When I was a kid, Gluten bread was recommended for diabetics…

We’ll have lots of Xojo goodies at XDC too! http://www.xojo.com/xdc

[quote=241212:@Tim Jones]
The whole non-GMO, Gluten Free, Organic marketing train is run by P.T. Barnum’s ghost.[/quote]

These two always make me chuckle
Gluten free vodka
Gluten free rum

But when you consider the past success of such innovative products as “Pet Rocks” you really can sell folks just about anything

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Hey now! My pet rock is still alive, thank you.