Xojo stops responding when I try to execute or compile

I am using Xojo on a machine with Windows 10 at 64 bits and 16 Gb on ram, I have a pro license and currently install version 2019 release 1.1.

The problem is that when I open an example program from the examples button in the projects window or I open a sample program that downloads from the internet or one that I got from git.
When I try to execute or compile the program Xojo shows a message of “Not Responding” and does nothing else.

However, if I create a program from the IDE and execute / compile it, everything works perfectly.

I have tried to solve this by deleting the xojo chache, opening and saving the program or trying to execute / compile for a single platform (mac or linux), uninstalling and reinstalling xojo and even installing a smaller version of the IDE (2018 release 3)

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance

Go to Xojo Preferences, Build, Build unsaved apps in: and make sure that you can write to that directory.

Hi Alberto, thanks for your response.

Try all the existing options in the drop down list, and even create a folder with all the permissions for everyone in windows and keep marking the error.

However I discovered that if I change the architecture from 64 to 32 bits, the compilation / execution works, this is foreign since I have a 64 bit machine.

Any other suggestion would be quite useful.


If you have an antivirus program installed, try excluding the Xojo folder (C:\Program Files\Xojo) from its coverage as there might be some heuristic match happening for the 64bit build that doesn’t trigger on the 32bit build.

[s]Just being pedantic here BUT you could have a 64 bit machine with a 32 bit version of Windows installed
I’ve seen that
Definitely double check that you have a 64 bit version of Windows installed

And, as Julian said, double check anti virus as this is a really common cause[/s]

nm I see you are using 2019r1.1 which would not run on a 32 bit version of Windows

antivirus though is a likely cause

I’ll check the antivirus option, thanks Julian and Norman

And DropBox and iCloud, and OneDrive

I don’t know what could cause this, but here are some other suggestions of things to try:

  • Perhaps the user account is problematic? Try creating a new User Account and test if Xojo works properly there.
  • Related, but also try Windows in a VM to see if it’s related to your installation of Windows. You can get free VMs for testing from Microsoft.
  • Check the system log to see if there is anything helpful there. The Microsoft DebugView utility can help with that.
  • Can you Build a 64-bit app? If so, does it run?