Xojo + Steam?

One reason I wanted to switch to something different was the lack of VB6’s ability to work with Steam (they’ve said that VB6 apps are NOT eligible for Steam inclusion at all, in fact).

Do Xojo apps interface with Steam, and thus, be eligible for use on Steam?

Tried to google ‘steam’ and it is quite confusing. Any web site where to find more ? Thkx.

Yes, I should note I did Google already ‘steam + xojo’, nothing clear at all. Anyone who may know?

Do you mean the ability to sell on Steam, or integrate with Steamworks? Those are two different things. I would expect any app to be available to be sold via Steam as long as it gets through Greenlight. Steamworks is a very different story, and would need to integrate with their API. I would expect Xojo apps would not be able to integrate with Steamworks without a plugin. Considering the market for Xojo + Steamworks is so small, I bet you’d have a hard time finding somebody that would be willing write one.

steam.com and store.Steampowered.com look like a nice online store for games.

This page seems to be for authors http://www.steampowered.com/steamworks/ but I could not find precise details about their SDK. From the Faq it seems the API is in C. You should try to get in touch with them as they recommend in “Getting started” to know more. It is possible that the API is clear enough to be called by declares from Xojo. But until you have the precise characteristics of their interface, this is all speculation.