Xojo Speed on Windows

So I have now tried 2 machines
windows 8 on a dual core and windows 7 on an i7 8 core

Xojo is very slow to scroll and controls seem unresponsive

Love the new IDE but am a little disappointed with performance

Is this mainly scrolling the layout editor? Are there a lot of controls on it? Or is this scrolling the code editor or navigator? Curious to know if this unresponsiveness is related to your specific project or if you can reproduce it more easily than that, thanks.


It is a blank project with no controls.

3 Computers have now been tested i7 laptop, i7 desktop and a core 2 duo desktop.
Minimum ram on any system is 8Gb and all SSD.
Interestingly the laptop has minimal issues but my most powerful pc does.

Checking system usage there is nothing consuming CPU time and Xojo only uses 50Mb Ram (WOW).

Results are consistent however.

If you guys want to remote into my PC and poke around lets organize a time.
I am in Australia though. I could also do a video.

Interesting, I’m running Xojo on Windows 7 64 bit, 3GHz AMD64 Processor with 8 GB of ram and accept for the flicking Inspector and some flicker when re-sizing the IDE, I’m not seeing any of the other issues mentioned.

I’m seeing improved responsiveness compared to RS2012. And this is with one desktop project, and two console projects open.

Possibly the speed issues experienced on my i7 rig are due to the 4X24 inch screens attached and a gpu that cant effectively do its thing.
I have noticed with Sketch up the alisaing is bad. I may try a new GPU and see if it copes but the rig is not there for pushing out graphics plus it handled 2012R2 without issue.

It explains why the core 2 is better (2 screens) and the i7 laptop is the best.

I really cannot do without multiple screens so I am hoping GPU power is the cause.

wow didn’t realize GPU’s were so cheap?! $399 AUD for a 7970 which I am told can handle any game today (I am not a gamer).

Anyone else have a recommendation for a GPU and if they have speed issues on multiple monitor setups and Xojo?

Can staff comment on any additional graphics needs under windows for Xojo?

Preliminary tests - found a spare GTX 6something card which appears to be faster than the one I have used so far in my core 2 rig.
Disabled all but one screen and tested again…
Faster but not stellar.
Before if I opened a half developed web app and tried to scroll response time was about 0.5-1.0 seconds.
Now it is about 0.25-0.5

Graphics cards seem to make a difference.

Will post more results when I setup some new hardware, when it gets here…

Xojo is very slow or Heavy to work with. High response time

I have tried with two machines, Windows 7 64Bit / i7 Cpu, 8 GB Ram. and Windows 8 64Bit. / i7 Cpu, 16 GB Ram
Same result on both computers.
Am little disappointed with performance too.

Try download CCLeaner and running both the cleaner and register. If you don’t do that every now and then, your Windoze will get bogged down.

Ive never been convinced that registry cleaners do anything worthwhile.

while i wasnt seeing any slow down, i have just experienced it in Xojo, the ide was almost unresponsive.
it wasnt windows as a whole, just the IDE.

Hello Everyone,

I am noticing the same issues everyone else has been having with the Xojo Windows IDE (Windows 7 or Windows 8 OS’s).

  1. The initial load time is very slow (tried on 3 different family computers) and takes about 15 seconds to 60 seconds to start Xojo (from a new i7 to dual core computer). This is with a Xojo program with no plugins, straight out of the box.
  2. Lots of flickering when resizing the window
  3. Requires two-clicks (instead of one) to close the Xojo IDE. The first click is to bring the focus to the Xojo IDE and the second click causes Xojo IDE to close. This is not the standardized way in which Windows works (feel free to perform the test with two other open programs and click on the non-focused program ‘X’ in the corner).

I am sure that the Xojo team is working furiously to get these bugs worked out :slight_smile:

Just out of curiosity, when is Xojo 2013 R2 scheduled to be released?



Hate to say this, but it’s feeling sluggish for me on Mac OS as well. Some key tasks are faster. But just general interaction…especially while debugging…is slower then RS2012.

@Russ Lunn Funny you say that. I have another development app in Windows whose files have been unlinked from their app (so I had to open then file from within the app). Tried everything. Saw the comment above and CCLeaner fixed it. Windows is not my expertise, but it worked for me.