Xojo Speed and file size for clients?

Hi folks.
I’m wondering what your experience has been with file size of your exe on windows apps you’ve developed and the speed of the same? Especially client server n-tier apps using databases such as oracle, ms sql server, etc? Does Xojo hold it’s own with other RAD dev software? What about against something like C Plus Plus, etc?
Just wondering.

C++ “can” produce code that is faster, but it requires tons of manual attention to the code stucture and I wouldn’t consider that a RAD tool.

In a way the same holds true for Xojo… write cr*ppy code and it won’t be effiecient…

But a well written Xojo application should work for most situations… File size shouldn’t be considered an issue… Diskspace is super cheap compared to the days of old… So trying to save a megabyte here of there probably isn’t worth the time it would take to do it

I’ve never been aware of a performance difference at the driver’s seat point of view. There were a few very complex number crunching things that I had to write a library/plugin for (Montgomery multiplier dealing with 2048 bit encryption).

Otherwise, my Windows apps have been as responsive and snappy as a VC++ version that took far longer to create.

As for file size, are you worried about a small model environment? Disk space is pretty cheap and Xojo’s apps aren’t too big unless you’re just creating a “Hello World!” simple dialog app.

Thanks guys… I really appreciate it. I guess I shouldn’t have compared C Plus Plus since it’s not a Rad tool really. Not really fair to xojo.
Thank so much.