XOJO SOAP deprecation?


We have a project where we need to use SOAP , while searching on the forum for posts and details I find this https://documentation.xojo.com/SOAPMethod which it says

This item was deprecated in version 2019r2
Can you please mention what is the replacement for it ? In this case it means that if I do need to do the project I need to do the project in a version prior to 2019R2 ?


Well, The SOAP support in xojo is total garbage. Another of those things that are basic on every other tool and xojo should had put a little effort on it instead of all the language change nonsense and “new controls” that are the same but with different event names.

Back then, I saw the Soap documentaation so I took it for granted, the prooyect was months in development when the soap part arrived… total unusable garbage. Not near half backed feature. It worked only for way to basic examples but not for real life services.

The answer and the way to do it with Xojo, implement it by yourself or buy a plugin So I had to make the POST with URLConnection and parse the answer myself.

If your proyect is ongoing, you can use URLConnection to implement the soap part manually. If you are about to start, better to consider other tools that have actual suppor for the current standards.

well honestly the project is in maintaining stage, we stop doing new projects in XOJO as is useless , as you said you need to buy plugins and those honestly are killing me, not for the money but for the time you need to wait to run a project and test and compile, I’m on the M1 now with no plugins and it’s a joy to work on , but still the framework itself si naked so a lot of work to do to have simple things and as people want things more modern and better looking , windows part unless you start to dig in declares I just discovered is more bad than the Mac side so hopeless on my side for XOJO projects, unless they are simple but usually those are free or not paid.

Yes, the Xojo SOAP class was mostly unusable… but SOAP is simply sending XML via HTTP… You do not need any Plugins or anything special to easily implement your own.


i used soap once with visual studio it was possible to convert this wsdl it into oop with a tool.
but every change in this wsdl hurts.
a better interface is web api controllers.
it do object to xml and xml to object very easy. also object to json and back.