Xojo SHA1 different than MySQL SHA1

Isn’t SHA1 like a standard. Why do I get different result when I do it in Xojo versus MySQL? Am I doing something wrong?

dim sha1 as string = EncodeBase64(Crypto.SHA1("1234567890'"))



SELECT SHA1('1234567890')


Try EncodeHex instead of EncodeBase64.

In Xojo I then get “3511C08EED6C7115AE10B6A06699C6BD3F6F311B” which is still different than the MySQL DB

If you’re using the above code verbatim, you have an anomalous apostrophe character in the Xojo string.

Jay spotted that fast, and I can confirm that that must be the issue.

@Jay Madren catching the extra apostrohpe and
@Kem Tekinay saying to use the EncodeHex instead was the magic!

Thanks Guys!