Xojo Sentry Client v2 (Open Source Project)

For those interested I have written a Xojo Sentry Client (Desktop) which uses Sentry’s version two DSN style settings.

Download Xojo Sentry Client v2

For those not familiar with Sentry.io (https://sentry.io/welcome/)



For those that would like to Contribute please feel free to fork and do pull requests.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Could you please host it in Xojo text format so we can monitor changes to the code?


Agreed. It will make merging from multiple users easier too.

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Absolutely. Sorry guys I didn’t realize that I didn’t save it as a text file. Will do

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It is now a Xojo Project :slight_smile:


Two more suggestions:

Ignore the .DS_Store file because it’ll likely get regenerated on every Mac that touches the project.

Ignore .SentryForXojoV0.xojo_uistate because that is a user-specific preference file.

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Done and thank you @Greg_O_Lone!

I’ve been using Sentry for the past two years and I am extremely happy with it.
My Sentry class has many more features and I will soon post it on Github.

New features include (but not limited to):

  • Offline exceptions: exceptions are saved to disk and sent to Sentry the next time the app has an active Internet connection
  • Managing exception tags, global tags, user identity
  • App breadcrumbs: discover what the user was doing prior to getting an exception
  • Can be used in Desktop / Web / Mobile projects
  • Updated for Xojo API 2.0

Is there anyone else apart from @Mike_Cotrone & @jim_mckay who are currently using Sentry?
What features do you miss?


I use Sentry in my Registrator app.

I do not use any advanced features though.

Grazie / merci Jeremie!

I use it for every project :+1::grinning:

Thank you for your ongoing contributions!!


Is it compatible with self-hosted sentry?

I don’t know yet. I haven’t tried self hosted yet, but I’m pretty sure it can be.

We do use a self-hosted sentry following the official on-premise repo

I can check if it’s working once you release it

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I would like to start using Sentry. Any idea when you would be able to post on Github? @Jeremie_L
I would prefer not having to update my code right after I starting using Sentry, so it would be nice to start using it with your updated version.
thanks in advance for any answer and best wishes for 2023

Hi Dirk,
I might be able to post it on Friday. If not it will be early next week.


Waiting to test it also !

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Some progress on the Sentry project.
The desktop and iOS demos are ready but I’m still working on the web version.
I am trying to find the best way to get breadcrumbs work correctly for each websession.

It might be completed tomorrow :crossed_fingers:

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Can someone explain how I might use Sentry in one of my apps like I’m a five year old? I’m unclear how it benefits me.

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The concepts are a bit complicated for a five year old :sweat_smile:

Sentry is a sort of health monitor for your app.
It allows to track all exceptions, aggregate them and let you know where your app is failing or broken.

With Sentry you can almost replicate user steps to reproduce an exception, it makes it so much easier to fix bugs and exceptions.

It also allows you to prioritize exceptions, working on problems that affect the most users first.

And finally it helps tracking release health by comparing the amount of exceptions / app open / user across all your releases (app updates).