.xojo_resources file size

We have two projects that share a lot of code and are fairly close to the same complexity.

One of them has been taking a noticeably longer time saving and compiling.

In reviewing them, one very noticeable thing is the comparative size of their .xojo_resources files. One is 11.2MB and the other is 108.6MB.

What exactly do these things store, is there a way to put them on a diet, and is this the possible source of the slowness?


I would expect the file contains the icons.

if you have a couple high res images, this can add up quickly.

Thanks Christian, there are a few more document icons in the project with the larger file size but it still seems excessive.

Anyone @ Xojo care to respond?

Anyone else know what’s in that file? What’s the risk of me deleting it? (I know it’s essential but I’m curious what would go missing and how the IDE would respond)