Xojo reports....

Ok, I am still having weird issues with the report feature… and I need to learn how to use these better…

I tried using the grouping functions, and after having to regenerate the report several times so it would show ANYTHING at all, I dropped the group feature out of the report. SO, I have my program compile the ‘summary’ data and save it to a database file. The report simply must show it… however, all of my fields in the footer sections are usually blank… sometimes a 0 will appear, but mostly just non-existent.

The footer contains three fields: A total sales tax, total due, and a large text box with pay to information… .all are blank.

I also have weird issues with the IDE… when there is a report in the program, each time I try to edit another window, it shows the report for a few seconds before switching…

Hello Gary,

There are a few things that could be giving these issues with the report.

When using the group function, I often find it helpful to have the ORDER BY function in the SQL command which returns your recordset. The data is then grouped in the report.

Fields in the footer section on the Windows OS are usually due to an issue with margins. When the report is being printed on a Windows OS, change the following margins:

Left = 0 Top = 0 Right = 0 Bottom = 0

I am not sure about the issue with the report-switching-delay.

Let me know if this helps.

P.S. I have about 90 pages of explanations and Xojo reporting examples in the book I Wish I Knew How To…Program SQLite with Xojo Desktop
Xojo SQLite Book

Thanks Eugene… I am writing the report in Linux at the moment and it is an invoice report so all the data is grouped already bit maybe adding it to the SQL query would still help.

I will give it a try.