Xojo Report Converting from Int32 to Double causes


I am using the latest API2 Report generator with Xojo 2023r2, and when I place a label on a report, I get the error:

Report1.Label1.Name Layout (property name) - Converting from Int32 to Double causes a possible loss of precision, which can lead to unexpected results


This happens with all analysis warnings turned on and pressing Analyze Project.

This seems to happen on all labels in API2 reports. When I compile the program there are no errors, its only when I Analyze Project to become API2 compatible. Has anyone else seen this, and how to workaround the error?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Edit: This is on a newly generated API2 report with API2 controls.

Report the bug. It’s kind of funny (and worring) such thing on a string field (name of the property).

Even in cases of being true, it should not be an error, just an ignorable warning.


Thanks Rick.

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