Xojo Remote Debugging Crashes IDE.

I am trying to deploy an app via the remote debugging feature on a local network. I have opened both the UDP and TCP ports that are required in both the developer machine and the remote machine. My issue is almost every time I close the app on the remote side, the Xojo debugger crashes immediately which is really annoying. After a few crashes it will stabilize for a bit and then when the app hits some kind of debugging error and stops to display it in the IDE, once I close the app, the IDE crashes. Has anyone else ran into this issue? Thanks.

What versions of Xojo and Remote Debugger Stub? What’s the platform you’re developing on and deploying to?

The same thing happens to me.

Windows 7 for me and the client
Xojo 2016r3 for Xojo and the debugger stub

Xojo 2016 4.1
Development is Windows 10 64bit
Deployment is Windows 10 32bit
App itself is 32 bit Desktop
Debugger Desktop v2.0.5.24

Thanks! :slight_smile:

@Bob Keeney @Bryan Dodson

Happy to report I upgraded to 2017 r1 this morning on both Developer and Remote(to get Debugger Desktop) and everything is stable and working correctly now. :slight_smile:

Version Remote Debugger Stub seems to have everything working great! :slight_smile: