Is everybody happy with R3.1?

Yes, very happy.

When I saw its entry in the docs web server, I go to download it, but saw no mention of it and trashed the idea thinking it was an error that I was able to see that entry.

Then, I discovered this thread.

Thank you Walter for the announce.

yeah !

Wanting to download the latest release (3.1), I got:

<quote from https://xojo.com/download/>
Download Xojo 2013r3.1

Create your own apps, like commercial or in house apps, games, utilities and more with Xojo! This object-oriented multi-platform development tool enables ordinary people to create extraordinary apps for the Desktop, Web, Console, and, soon, iOS. Download it now and get started for free.

Please create an account or sign in to download. Creating an account is free and easy!

“You know what ? I’m happy”

[quote=39185:@Chris Verberne]Version 3.1 is a bug fix release. In general the r3 release is an improvement but still on the Windows side there are some more fixes necessary. For example the copy - cut - paste problem I mentioned in another thread.

I start using Xojo versions when they released for my projects, which I never did with RealStudio. However some caution must be taken, for example “save” your changes after you choosed “run” not before because of the bug mentioned above, your project can be ruined easily and when you saved, it can be too late.

If you wish to save before you run, then use for example ProjectName_01, next time you save ProjectName_02, next time again ProjectName_01. When your project is ruined, then at least you can revert to the last working version. This is only my advice.

But besides of that, yes I am happy with the r3 release. Rome is also not build in one day, which means… be patient we are getting there![/quote]
I use dropbox, so I can revert back to any previous save. And you get 1 GB of space free. :wink: This has saved me lots after I learned my lesson of not backing up previous versions.

Even better is using a TrueCrypt container w/ DropBox. Don’t trust that any source you out on DropBox is secure, even if it’s a non-public account with sharing disabled.

I think it’s good but the copy and paste bug is annoying, to say the least. I’ve gotten into a habit of pressing Ctrl + C three or four times on selected text just so that it registers.

Unfortunately, this habit has extended onto other programs. Last night I was unconsciously pressing Ctrl + C excessively in Google Chrome to copy a link and my girlfriend said to me “You only have to press Ctrl + C once, you know? Have you ever even used a computer before?”

Oh trust… watch this Clip to think about it twice…