Xojo R2 under Windows

I want to talk about my problems with Xojo. I’m working under Windows 7 64 bit, AMD Phenom II x6 with 8 GB on SSD. Independent installed windows only Xojo, MBS plugins and Acrobat Reader installed. Enterprise license. No Virusscanner.

Xojo is very slow at startup. It has become faster compared to the R1. But after the selection of the type of the program is indicated, it will take up to 1 minute for the program responds. Windows then offers me in the meantime, to terminate the unresponsive program.

When finding and replacing the affected row wrecked. I was looking for sonderpreise and changed it in Firma. In the row behind Firma missing 7 chars.

To change the tab order is a horror! In the old version you could adjust with the mouse in 2 minutes.In the current version takes the the changing about 1/2 hour.

I had to set a 27 inch monitor upright next to my 27 inch monitor to see the Inspector and the libary can completely and I have no desire ever to scroll. Working on the notebook is a miserable affair. I want to have the old view! These fit wonderfully on a 27 inch screen in landscape mode.

 When working with Floating windows, then Xojo crashes like, Is become less compared to R1.
 Keyboard shortcuts work in part at the 2nd or 3 times. Copy / paste often have problems.
 I need change the top bar to place save in again! Before I  run my program, I like to save the program, as it often bears the Run and exit.

When I close the main window, then the Inspector window remains. IF I start again Xojo, it crashes.

I want the old Editor with the new framework.


Will there be a fix for this error? If so, when? Give us the old developer surface with the current framework again!

It does seem that the Windows IDE has some significant issues compared to the Mac IDE. Fortunately, I do my coding on the Mac and only use Windows for testing, but I have seen that the Windows IDE is much slower than the Mac IDE. The Windows IDE also has a tendency to hang when running the debugger on a project file with unsaved changes. The dancing IDE at load time is also rather dizzying. It looks more like a beta release than a finished product.

We are aware of the startup issues, and are looking for a solution.

The tab order editor is an interim fix. The original editor that was built for Xojo had some major functionality issues and it was decided that a simple editor that worked was better than no editor at all. This will be redesigned in the future.

As for the rest of the issues, please file feature requests and bug reports. Especially for the crashes.

We are working very hard to clean up the new IDE. But as with many major overhauls, things have gotten broken and will be fixed as quickly as we can get to them.