Xojo r2 no webpage issues?

I’m new to web edition and I don’t know what I’m doing yet but I don’t think this problem is my fault.

I’ve just started playing around with a Xojo web edition project in r2 that I began in r1. For an unknown reason when I run the project from the IDE sometimes no webpage appears. This has happened to me about 5 times out of maybe 40 IDE compile/runs. The last time it happened I waited and waited (maybe 20 seconds?) and finally the page appeared.

I’m currently designing my page layout. Most of the code in the project so far is from the jQuery example calendar. Besides that I’ve got some code in popup menus which change some values when used and shouldn’t be causing any problems.

I don’t remember this happening in Xojo r1.

Has anyone else seen these problems ?

Seeing this behavior in :
Xojo r2
Mac OS X 10.6.