Xojo Project who displays the ASCII Table

Hi all,

earlier today, I had the irresistible will to create a project who simply display that: an ASCII Table (created with Xojo, of course).

The project allows you to display the Table in a Listbox (8 columns).

I added a way to print it in a PDF file, to Export it as csv, txt and png (watch it below) in a single MenuItem.

I let you modify it to fit your needs.

Yes, you can change the ctrl-[char] value to Enter, Tab (9), Return (13), Arrow Keys (28-31), etc.
I do use only the decimal value (no fancy Hexa nor Octal values).

If you want a far more evoluted Table, just type in Google: ASCII Table.

I nearly forgot the link to the Project and Exported / Printed to pdf files: Project .

BTW: I already stated that, but there is only one ASCII Table (no extended Table ever exists, despite what you can found in the internet):
ASCII = American Standard Code for Information Interchange

Look at wikipedia for far more details.

At last, that Table is not something special in Xojo. This is in the computer business common background knowledge.

I hope this help.

Done a few variations of that myself.

What I was thinking to do s to set the first 32 valus to Xojo real use; like 9 = Chr(9) / ChrB(9) / Tab, until values 28-31 that are Arrow Keys.

Using old (very old, prehistoric) ctrl values have no sense today (IMHO).

I add some data to the original project.

This new project (only) is here .

The new text is here: next text .

The new text (open it in a Text Editor and Paste it in the new Project running (or Standalone) holds some new data.

I removed some of the Controls entries to flag with useful data (Enter, Tab, …/… Arrow Keys). Note that some of these entries needs an extended keyboard (Top / Bottom of Page, Start / End of line, etc.)

The project:
Added a Paste Specific code that paste the contents of the Clipboard (load the csv file in a Text Editor, Copy the whole text).
Added Code in Cancel to close the window.
Added A Clear button.

I hope it is far better now.

BTW: if you have more data to add (in the 0 thru 31 “Control keys”), feel free to add it/them here.

I just go here http://www.asciitable.com/

And you are right.

But not all do that. Some have troubles reading Xojo documentation ! (Me included, sometimes !!)

And Extended ASCII Codes as presented there is totally wrong and live on quick sands.

And the table there comes from another web site.

BTW: read what ASCII means to understand why (one part) I wrote above “Extended ASCII Codes as presented there is totally wrong.”.
The other part is… there are two different Tables for values 128 to 255: the Mac Part and the Windows part and they were different. Today, beside ASCII table, the values that starts at 128 is owned by UTF (nothing else).

The reason why I shared a second project (the second text file), is because it share the real values for many entries: all entries that are not noted ctrl-integer]. These will help you developing with Xojo, nt a more traditional ASCII Table.

At last, never grant an information found in the Integert (this text too): check what is true, what is false and set your mind starting from there.