Xojo Project Opener - Dev Helper App

As a long time Xojo customer, we end up with MANY versions of Xojo installed, and required depending on the project. This will make life easier by opening the correct version of Xojo to suit the source file.

Compile and set the .exe as default for .xojo_binary_project and .xojo_xml_project

When shell opening the file (explorer double click), It will read the file and automatically open the correct version of xojo, or, show you the list if it cannot work out the version. If just the .exe is launched, it will list the xojo versions installed and you can click on one to open that version.

This was built in 2022R1

edit: Linky: GitHub - scorpion44/Xojo-Project-Opener: Opens Xojo project files with the correct version.


Accidently did not upload the actual source code to github after doing the readme :slight_smile: .

Nice idea. It’ll be useful for me if there’s a Mac version coming, but, regardless of platform availability, the concept seems great.

I nearly wanted to ask “What is an .exe”? :wink:
But the concept seems great, you’re right.

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I must be weird. I try very hard to only keep no more than three versions of Xojo installed at one time. I also attempt to pare that down to two once I’m convinced that I can safely work with the latest release. Currently the versions I have installed are 2019R3.2, 2021R3.1, and 2022R1.1. I can’t imagine having to manage 10 to 15 versions.

If you have more than 1 version of xojo on Windows then this program is awesome. For me the default xojo application is usually wrong…depending on the app I’m working on.
It will attempt to open binary and xml xojo projects and read the version information and open the correct xojo version. So now you can just double click a project and the correct xojo version opens the project. Before this I would have to open the specific xojo version I wanted and then go file->open…
Will open the project on a Mac later today and see if I can get it to work

Yeah it is difficult Tom. We have over 60 projects to manage with targets for: Desktop Windows, Console Windows, Web Windows, Web Linux and Desktop Pi. Some versions are just better than others for certain types of applications. Even if I only had a couple copies of Xojo installed, this is useful as it auto picks the version required, instead of having to remember or check the version in the file.

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