Xojo Project loading time 2.0

My 32mb web project takes about 3 minutes and 40 seconds to load with version 2021r1 in the .xojo_project format (not including starting the IDE). It is not the fault of the computer (Ryzen 7 5800X with nvme pci 4.0, 32 gb ram) and the project is not on any remote disk, but on the local computer. If you don’t believe it I attach the video. Is there anything I can do to optimize this loading? My sanity depends on it…
In Binary format it takes much but much less, so either I give up using version control, or I have to find another solution.

I have a lot of classes (especially WebContainer), folders, modules, etc…

@Greg_O_Lone help me :pray:

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That does seem a bit excessive as even the IDE doesn’t take that long to load.

I have some questions:

  1. Is this something that got worse in 2021r1?
  2. Do you have any non-project items in the project navigator like pictures, database connections, etc?
  3. What platform are you on?

And yes, I’d love to see your video.

  1. Compared to the 2019 version, the loading time has doubled(It used to take about 1 minute to load and 45 seconds to prepare the workspace). Of course without the ide loading time. Should I try with the 2020 version? I am now in the office with another computer, I can try with that.

  2. I load most of the images from code. For the database I have a class that extends MySQLCommunityServer. I have more or less 30 WebSDKUIControls with all the various instances drawn in the various pages/webcontainers.

  3. I use windows 10.Sorry you’re right, I took it for granted because I had prepared the video. I send you the link in private


For those interested, I have created feedback for this (64527). There are several examples attached to reproduce the problem.

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