Xojo on Windows - Text2speech and Speak


On Windows Is there a way to add new voices/languages ? On Win 7 there is only Microsoft Anna as default voice and the setting buttons is greyed out (disabled) so I don’t know how to add new voices and langues.
I also installed the MS speechplatform and the italian voice but Microsft Anna is still there as usual like a cranky monther in law that doesnt want to move out

  1. Does the speak command on Xojo uses the default voice based on our computer settings ? I think that it uses Microsoft Anna when I use speak…

  2. Is it possible to add more functionality to speak directly from Xojo, changing speed, gender, language,etc etc


You saw the WinSpeechMBS class in our MBS Plugin?

docs are here:

If you have any Microsoft Office product installed, then text can be placed in the application and the computer will then speak the text. This requires the free MSOfficeAutomation.rbx plugin that is packaged with Xojo and will work on Windows OS, and doesn’t work on OS X nor Linux.

I have an app on my web site that does much of this for Windows as well as Macintosh, but it is much more primitive on Windows. You can change the voice and speed on Windows, but voices generally cost a lot of money. Also, unlike the Mac, Windows doesn’t give you feedback on where is it up to in speaking a sentence, thus highlighting by word is a problem. I found I could highlight and speak a sentence or paragraph on Windows OK. BTW I use the MBS routines.