Xojo on Tiobe

I noticed that in the August 2019 TIobe ratings that Xojo has appeared in the “The Next 50 Programming Languages”.
This is the first time I’ve seen it there, I usually have a peek there a few times a year.


Yea, maybe was there once 6 years ago, but if that is the case, @Jack Kingston is right, Xojo hast being there in years. so maybe just reach 100th place this month. With 50th being 0.152% I think this is a really limited and exclusive club lol.

My point was not to discount @Jack Kingston post, but rather, to show that Xojo had the honour of the index before.

Although it is nice to see Xojo mentioned in the TIOBE index, I don’t believe it is very relevant.

It is indeed an exclusive club, geared primarily toward corporate developers.

While sometimes used in corporate environments, Xojo has a strong accent toward individual and personal developers.

Must be No. 100, In the September 2019 rank it is gone :confused: