XOJO on pocketchip ! the $69 Computer / toy

Just got a pocketchip, and tried writing a small console app -it wouldn’t run
I am a unix novice but
sudo ./chip02
says command not found… I can see the app there, and the xojo library folder.

If I look at the flags set for my chip02 console app they are
so I used sftp to change the flags to
now when i
sudo ./chip02
I get a new error
cannot execute binary file:exec format error

Give up, Try the Desktop app.
This time after sftp the app across I just set the app flags for X for the owner ,group other s,
sudo ./chip1
AND IT WORKED! I get a simple window, a button and menus, the touch screen works, !!
Very cool.

I guess XOJO can add this to the list of targets?
picture - http://imgur.com/a/fxBEV