Xojo on Macs M1, M2, M3?

I’m pretty sure I know the answer here. I have 2 Macs with M1 processors and my code runs fine on them. I’m just wondering if anyone has M2 or M3 based systems and if their Xojo software is running on all of them? I’m sure the M2 and M3 are backward compatible with the M1, but has anyone noticed any issues with Xojo built apps between M1, M2 and M3?

I’m pretty sure no one here can answer your M3 question right now, but my Code runs fine on intel M1 and M2. :wink:

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That’s what I’d expect. I know Apple is famous for ditching stuff in favor of the new, but I can’t see them doing it with the M1, M2 and M3.

Neither M2 nor M3 is new instruction set in any way. Its same CPU family.

So of course it will run.