Xojo Notes Text Color

I had integrated the Xojo Notes code into one of my apps which was working fine. Since I have upgraded Xojo R3, Xcode (latest) and Catalina.
I now notice the Text Color has changed to white in the Title of each note. I haven’t changed the code at all what would cause this?



IF you go back to 2019r1.1 does the text color change back ? (I realize this could be hard if you now longer have old versions of Xcode etc)
But if the only thing you change is Xojo and the text color changes then you have your answer - something in Xojo changed this

Yes an older version of my project works fine on 2019r1.1 but I don’t think it is XojoR3 as I have tested the Notes module old and new on on both versions and they work.

Text color is set to Black.
What else could I look for that could make the text white?

The font is set to System 0.
Also when you type in the field and return to List View it shows the correct text. But when you return to Detailed View it is blank or white

Only way of resolving seemed to be to set the text coloraturas to black in the Open event of the field??

Do you use 2019r3 with those other projects as well ?
iOS in 2019r3 supports Dark Mode which I’m sure changed some behaviour with colors.
Its why I asked if you went back to an older version of Xojo & then it worked
Same Xcode, same simulator only change Xojo and you get different behaviour ?
Then I’d still say its “something” in Xojo changes for iOS that causes this

I tried Darkmode on and off same result.

Probably worth noting that it is a iosTextField that is showing this as I have an iOS TextArea on the same view and it is working fine.