Xojo not run on win7


I have a problem on a laptop is Xojo not start.

When I look in TaskManager, service Xojo.exe * 32 is running. Initial image and upload plugin in the normal way. When you should see a window for the selection of the project, but nothing happens.

On a stationary computer works without any problems. I have a license for Desktop and Databases.

I tried to look Feedback Case # 23509, but I can not find or is a private

What could be the problem?

I am unsure of your problem, Xojo runs fine on Windows 7 and Windows 8 for me. The case you referenced has to deal with running multiple versions of the RS IDE, stating the 2nd run instance locks up. I’ll let someone more experienced with IDE problems in Windows chime in, sorry I couldn’t help any more.

I get this issue lots. It seems that xojo does not release itself from memory properly (particuarly using the close (top right) button). So the task manager service could be from a previous run. If you “end process” of all xojo.exe (realbasic has same issue) running in the task manager then restart xojo it should work

Hope this helps

Exactly what Nick says is true. I have that problem sometimes and I go to the task manager, I find the application of Xojo and ended the process and start again Xojo, to start again, I normally charge …
I also use Windows 7

Thanks for the replies.

Xojo it does not boot even for the first time. When I look at the processes in task manager process is active for some time, then after awhile just automatically ends.

After restarting the program Xojo, the problem is the same.

Interesting. I have a database app that works perfectly in OS X, works but is painfully slow in Windows 8, and throws OutOfMemeory exception errors in Windows 7 from the same source file that works in Windows 8. I’m concerned that Xojo has some serious Windows issues.

Hello Bostjan,

Similar to what Nick and Santiago wrote, this is a common issue. The program usually works after a fresh windows reboot. After simultaneously clicking on another project there are issues with two or more Xojo programs running.

If you are having issues with Xojo running on a fresh reboot, run CCleaner to clean up old files and the registry. Although this shouldn’t happen, running CCleaner will usually clean up the registry and file issues caused with Xojo (at least until the next reboot).

I hope this helps,


Maybe also go to ‘process explorer’ rather than tak manager. That will show a lot more detail of how xojo is opened and what closes it down

The only time I’ve seen this is when I already have 2012 running. I have mine set to not exit when last window closed which leaves an icon in the system tray. There’s a mutex issue which will stop the second instance running even if it is Xojo not Real Studio. Closing RS will allow Xojo to start normally.

Solve the problem so I changed the hard drive in the laptop and install it all again.
I used the SSD drive and laptop to work with the speed of light.
Thanks for your help.