Xojo not asking if I want to save on quit

I assume this is something stupid but I can’t seem to find an answer to it anywhere. The title pretty much explains it, but recently I have accidentally quit out of Xojo with unsaved work a couple times losing a decent amount of work sometimes. Now I know I just need to get into the habit of hitting command + s more often, but it seems like Xojo should ask me if I want to save my work before it lets me quit.

Everything I have read on the forums suggests that Xojo does indeed ask, but not for me… I have been quitting out using command + q, does this somehow bypass the asking?

Does the red close window dot have the “changes made” inner dot when this happens?

I’ve never had a release version NOT ask

Tim, yes it does show the inner dot.

Alright, so through some further testing I figured out that this only happens when I have two workspaces open. I can make changes in one or both of them and the inner dot does show up on both workspaces, but when I hit command + q it does not ask me to save. When I have just one window open everything works as it should.