xojo.net.HTTPSocket Useless On Windows?

Is anyone actually using the new xojo.net.HTTPSocket on Windows desktop builds? If so, how are you doing it? Are you subclassing the socket or just using the socket class directly?

I cannot use it at all when subclassed, and I’ve filed a feedback and have the behavior verified from Xojo, but have no hope that it will actually be fixed any time soon. I really wanted to use the new sockets for a variety of reasons, but until they are fixed I am going to be forced to go back to the old framework sockets instead. :frowning:

If you would like to use the new sockets in a subclass on Windows, please sign onto this feedback: <https://xojo.com/issue/42596>

I’m with Bob - holding off on using the new framework until it matures some more.

Yeah, I’m afraid that I’m going to have to agree with @Tim Parnell and @Bob Keeney - the new framework is currently unusable on the desktop.

I guess shame on me for assuming it was ready enough to use, since the new sockets have been available for several releases, now.

GlueKit provides an HTTPSecureSocket that mimics the new framework’s API but downgrades to the old socket on desktop/console/web. See https://github.com/1701software/GlueKit/tree/GlueKit-for-Xojo-2014-3.1

This way you can share code between iOS & other without having to maintain two different code bases.

If you need good SSL, FTP/HTTP/SFTP and HTTP 1.1, maybe you check the CURLSMBS class in MBS Plugin…

Think this cannot be stated in general.
But agreed, things should work finally. The introduction of the new framework is quite some releases ago.

Well, mixing new framework with old is often an exercise in frustration.

Unless one develops in iOS where there is no choice, I would tend to use the new framework only when it provides features not found in the classic framework.

I’d really love to be able to use HTTP 1.1, which is ONLY available in the new framework.

Sure. But until it is bug free, it is a good as non existing…

If you would like HTTP1.1 support on Windows as well, please sign onto this feedback request: <https://xojo.com/issue/42596>

To clarify for people here- xojo.net.HTTPSocket works fine in most Windows projects (subclassed or otherwise). This bug is really about using it from inside a Thread on a Windows desktop project.

Thanks for the clarification. That is indeed how I was using the threads. :frowning:

Same here.

It also doesn’t work on Windows Console or Service projects with no threading, but it did use to. Now I have to try & track down which version it did work on :frowning:

Did you ever find which version of Xojo where it does work for console apps?