Xojo.Net.HttpSocket.Send Timeout?

When the internet connection is there and the server is up but the targeted webapp is for some reason not responding, then I would like to cancel the operation after the Xojo.Net.HttpSocket.Send method has been called, after 5 or more seconds.

Before I use a timer for this, I wonder if there would be any other way to set a timetout?

If no, would a feature request make sense? What do you think?

The Xojo.Net.HTTPSocket timeout is currently 60 seconds with no way to change it.

So I guess after 60 secs an Error event is raised, giving me a NetException with an OperationTimeout? Correct?
(I can test tonight, I’m on vacation, actually

The error event is not raised. I think Geoff made a comment a few years back that this is by design. There’s been a Feedback request (#38141) since Feb 2015 for a timeout property. It’s currently 40th. Feel free to add points. :slight_smile:

I use the MBS CURL library to get around the timeout limitation for the part of my app that requires this.

Back to timer then…
l’ll add my points, thanks for the info!

Still no timeout…

I added my points too.

Just to be clear, since there is no feedback (error) this means the socket will simply disappear after one minute?